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Athens Travel Guide

Athens may just be considered to be among most enchanting and magical cities in the world. It is for this reason why many people from various parts of the globe put the city on their bucket list as a must-visit place.

Greece’s capital and largest city, Athens has been known to be where civilization was born; the birthplace of democracy and of the wise men in ancient times. Because the capital is where themost important civilization of ancient times flourished, Athens therefore holds some of the world’s marvelous and formidable structures.
One of the famous faces of the city is the Acropolis of Athens. Europe’s most famous archaeological monument, the edifice, which is also referred to as the “Sacred Rock” is ancient Greek culture’s most significant reference point. The history and magnificence of the place have gotten itself a nomination to the 7 Wonders of the Modern World – and many have taken it as a favorite.

Athens, Greece offers tourists with many different interesting sights and experiences. Its old neighborhood present a coexistence of the city’s different eras. Its famous historic triangle which comprises Psyri, Thission, and Plaka, will put any visitor in awe with the wonderful and picturesque setting. Its old mansions, whether those that were well-preserved or those that have already worn out in time, will not fail to impress and interest everyone.


Athens is filled with neoclassical buildings that will impress even those who do not have knowledge in the field. Among the favorite architectural sights in the city include the National Library, the Archaeological Museum, and the Athens Academy. The streets of Patission, Athinas, Stadiou, and Panepistimiou are also surrounded with many interesting historical structures.


Athens is not just about history and structures. The city is also home to a number of beaches that will delight the beach buffs. Some of the frequented beaches in the city and around Attica Peninsula are Varkiza, Kavouri, Vouliagmeni, and Glyfada. These beaches are located in the south suburbs of the city which makes them very accessible with public transportation.


Speaking of public transportation, this Greek capital boasts of a very good transport services. Tourists can take on trolley tram, metro, bus, and taxi at reasonable prices. What makesexploring the city better is that because most sights are not far from each other, traveling on foot is very much recommended.

With the many sights and attractions in the city, one should make it a point to visit Athenslonger. Enjoy traveling!