Athens, Greece

There are not a lot of cities in the world today that has the magnificence, beauty, and wonder as there is in Athens, Greece. With its long history – that’s considered to be one of the longest in the world – and rich culture, the capital of the country is surely a place to fall in love in.

Athens was named after the goddess Athena. It has been said that the city chose the goddess over Poseidon, the god of the seas, after the first offered the people olive tree as a gift which symbolize serenity. Athena, being the goddess of wisdom, also represents the wisdom of the people coming from the city – of course you know Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, right? Did you also know that the city is where democracy was born? – Well, now you know.

Aside from the city’s history, Athens is also known for its breathtaking attractions. Who has not heard of the city’s famous Acropolis of Athens? Nominated as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, this famous archaeological monument is often considered to be the city’s trademark. This hill has been witness to Athens’ bloom and decline; it has also seen how the city got back from track and made itself a top world destination.

A city of different facets, Athens has successfully combined the past and the present. As proof of this, Athens has made sure to not only offer its tourists with its wonderful history but also its vigorous nightlife. Taking yourself to Plaka Square and Kolonaki, you will see a number of Athens bars and Athens clubs that will make the nights in the city more fun and exciting. With the people of Athens known for having such love of life, the party scene in the city is colorful as expected!

Aside from the things to see, the things to taste in the city are worth the try as well. From the wide array of restaurants that tend to cater to all cravings to its cuisines that will give smile to your palettes, gastronomy in Athens is another thing to look forward to other than its attractions.

If you want to see something old and try to experience something new, Athens is the best place to be. Whether you are traveling alone or with a partner or your family, there is something that everyone can enjoy in this magnificent city.

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