Athens is one beautiful, magnificent, and mesmerizing city that many people from all over the world choose to stay longer than a week in Athens. In fact, many of them opt to become not only tourist in the capital of Greece but as expatriates. However, becoming an Athens expatriate is not as easy as packing your bags, get a place, and start your day. It needs a lot of planning, preparation, and more study of the city.

One thing to research about is the real estate in Athens. Being the capital of Greece with a very rich and long history, investing on a property, particularly on beaches or near the main attractions, in the city will be very wise.

Athens at nightIn addition to the real estate in Athens, one should also learn about how living in Athens is. If you are considering a long stay here, it would be best to get yourself immersed already to the way of life of the Athenians, which would of course include the cost of living in the city.

When already done researching about the real estate and living in Athens, you might also want to start learning about moving in Athens. What do you need to prepare, what do you need to find out, and what you need to bring with you are just a few of the things that you should think about. It would also help if you also find out if there are moving companies in Athens for a stress-free move.

Aside from a place to live in, it is also important to read about getting jobs in Athens. Finding a living in the city will help you get through your expenses in the Greek capital. If you, however, are in the city to study, then get yourself started researching about what it is to study in Athens. Read about the top universities in the city as well as tips and guide of being a student of Athens.

These are just a few considerations to make when planning to be an expatriate in Athens. When there, you would realize these points may just be the tip of the iceberg, but at least good ones to start your life as an expatriate.