Hunting for jobs in Athens would not be hard for resourceful expatriates. Being one of Greece’s biggest cities, there are a number of job opportunities that awaits those who intend to stay in the city for long, especially for young foreigners. Athens bars for instance, particularly those located in the tourist areas, are always in the lookout for staff that can speak the language of tourists. However, if tending bars and waiting tables isn’t your cup of tea, here are some information you might have to consider first:

First, your nationality will affect the legality of your getting a job in Athens. If you are a European citizen, legally working in Athens – and even all throughout Greece – will not be a problem as these people are given the privilege to work legally here. For non-EU citizens, this would mean otherwise, even for short-term and part-time positions. You will not have to worry though if you land yourself with major international companies in the city as these companies will be the one to assist you with all the legalities working in Athens.

Part-time or short-term jobs (e.g. summer jobs) are offered in places where employers do not intend to pay full share of their employees’ taxes. Thus, if you are thinking about applying to such jobs, you must carefully think about the consequences you have to face. One of these is getting the risk of being sent home and denied of entry, not just in the city but in Greece as well.

Job competition in Athens is quite high. When thinking of finding job, you must consider that you will be ‘fighting’ for the position against many other nationalities, including Polish, Romanians, and Albanians. If you want to give yourself an edge, try to get a job-placement agency for a less stressful ‘hunting’.

Jobs in Athens will help you get through living in the city as an expatriate, so do be patient with your quest to finding one.

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