Living in Athens

Living in Athens as an expatriate will be a tempting option to many tourists as the city does not just boast of a long history (one of the longest in the world) and beautiful attractions, it also has a laid back and relaxing setting ideal to live in. The city’s stable economy which contributed to its ranking in the Worldwide Quality-of-Life Index adds to the city’s magnet.

As a major European city, living in Athens is unexpectedly expensive – but not as much as those in bigger European metropolis. Although the salary of an average Athenian is relatively lower than those living in bigger cities in Europe, it is all put together in good use because the people in the city experience a quality standard of life.

Housing Costs Athens

There are a number of available apartments and houses in Athens ideal for expatriates. Those located in the central part of the city are quite affordable; however, the setting may be quite chaotic for those looking for some quite time. Houses in Athens neighborhoods far from its central part are ideal for those eying for a peaceful place to live in but they do not come cheap.

Food and Drinks in Athens

Compared to other EU cities, food and drinks in Athens is cheaper. On average, the Athenians spend about 60 Euros a month on his/her food and beverages. Grocery too is relatively inexpensive since there are several farms and provinces in proximity to the city which makes supplies easier to acquire. Wheat and barley are staple in every Athenian meal; so are tomato, okra, onions, eggplant and olives.

Clothing in Athens

As a metropolitan city, Athens is updated as far as styles and trends in fashion are concern. Over the years, the fashion industry in the city has grown to stabilize and has already even engaged to exporting clothes to various cities worldwide. Clothes and other apparel in Athens, particularly those locally manufactured, are sold at affordable price. However, accessories such as bags, hats, and jewellery come a bit pricey as the Athenians believe the materials they use for these things are of better quality.

Living in Athens, as in other cities in Europe, would not have an easy transition without better preparation and careful planning. Like anything, this should be thought about carefully.

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