Moving to Athens

Moving to Athens? Before doing so, it would be good to do your research about the city first. More than knowing about the history of Athens, moving to the city would mean having to know the present way of life of the Greek capital. While it’s good to learn about the top attractions in Athens, this would not hold so much significance once you already make your move.

So what are the things you need to prepare for your move? Here’s a list:

  1. A place to live in – there may be a lot of available apartments and houses in Athens but not all of them may be suitable for your purpose in living in the city (e.g. studying or working in Athens).  Among the favorite residence areas are Rafina and Kifissia. These areas can be very expensive to live in but the peace and quiet it gives will be appreciated by those who want to avoid the chaos in the central city.Welcome to Greece!
  2. Map – unlike spending a week in Athens, living in the city would require you to really get yourself familiar with every street in the city. The map will be an essential tool for this. You can start by familiarizing how to get to and from your school or office, then to and to and from important places, such as markets, malls, grocery, hospitals, etc.
  3. Amenities – if you are just getting started with your life in Athens, knowing where to get your amenities, such as gas/electricity, water, and telephone will be an important thing to find out. The electricity provider of Athens (and throughout Greece) is the Public Power Corporation. Power cuts do normally occur in the city, so do not be really surprised. For water, the largest company operating in the country’s water market is the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, while the city’s main telecommunication company is the Hellenic Telecommunications Organizations.
  4. The language – Greek is not an easy language to learn. Thus, before moving to Athens, this is one of the things that you should take primary consideration. Not only will learning Greek be convenient in working or studying in the city, more importantly, learning the language will help give you a less-stressful stay.
  5. Yourself – more than everything and anything there is to prepare, it’s yourself you should get ready the most. Athens is a wonderful and magical city, but moving to it will pose bigger challenges as far as culture and lifestyle is concern, and this is something you should prepare yourself of.

Moving to a new place is often times an exciting endeavor to take, however, it must not be taken without enough research and care.

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