Real Estate

Athens is one of the cities in Europe where many consider real estate as a wise investment. The city does not just have many beautiful properties available that are worth spending on, business-minded people also see a lot of real estate opportunities here as the cost of living is relatively lower than many other European cities.

A bustling metropolis, Athens has long been a favorite holiday destination for many people from all over the globe. Its abundant sunshine and classic setting has lured those who intend for a weekend in Athens only to buy or rent a property for long-term use.

Most of the Athenians live in apartments. If you want to live just like them, the city has an excellent selection of condominiums that are affordable. Among the favorites of property hunters are those located in Nea Smyrni which is located on the southern part of the city. The adjoining neighborhoods of Mets and Pangrati are residential districts preferred by many people as well for its charming setting and inexpensive prices. If you are ready to splurge and are not afraid to spend, go take those that are overlooking top Athens attractions.

Buying Houses and Apartments

There are many affordable apartments in central Athens. For those living a busy life in the city, this would be an ideal option to easily reach your destination. However, if you prefer a more quiet setting and away from all the bustle of the central city, choose properties in Kifissia, which is a prestigious area known for its relaxing and calming atmosphere. Of course, you should expect houses here can come quite pricey as compared to apartments in the central area.

The process for purchasing a property in Athens usually includes depositing 10-30% of the amount of the property after signing a purchase agreement. The sale should be completed in a month or less. This transaction is often handled by a notary who is expected to charge 2% of the property value as payment for their service.

Real Estate Agents

For less hassle and stress purchase, you might consider getting a real estate agent in Athens. There are many real estate agents in the city, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. To guarantee safe purchase, carefully pick your agent and make sure that they are from a trusted company. It would also help if you select a travel agent who speaks in English to avoid misunderstanding.

Like other things in Athens, real estate properties in the city require a lot of research and thinking, but whatever and wherever you choose to stay in the city, it will be worth the price you pay.

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