Many would probably say that the world as we know it would’ve been a different one without the culture of ancient Greece. And this is a valid argument. As the birthplace of democracy and Western Civilization, much of today’s concepts and ideas were taken from Greece. With many of the world’s famous architects, artists, poets, and philosophers born here, it is just apt for you to entrust your education in its capital, Athens.

Many students from all over the world come to Athens not just to see the top Athens attractions or get a glimpse of the city’s rich history. More than that, they also come to the city for its renowned universities to study. Some of the famous universities in Athens are Athens University of Economics and Business in Patision Street, Athens School of Fine Arts which is among the country’s premier art school, and Panteion University of Economics and Political Sciences which is popular among those who want to get a career in business and even in politics among others.

For those who decide to study in the city though, certain factors need to be thought about first. Among these are the place to live in Athens and the language barrier.

There are many accommodation places in Athens ideal for students. There are service apartments that are affordable enough and houses for those who can afford. Of the two, apartments are a practical choice as most of them are situated near universities and educational institutions in Athens. They are easily accessible with any public transport as well, including trains in Athens and buses in Athens.

As far as language is concern, learning Greek is essential when studying in the city mainly because most of the schools do use the language as medium of teaching. Not getting yourself familiar with the language would simply hamper your learning in the city. Additionally, there are many Athens language school for you to enroll in so there is just no excuse not to immerse yourself with the language.

Whether you want to study politics, philosophy, sciences, and art history, your educational experience in Athens would be like no other!

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