Athens may be known for being the home of the Greek gods and goddesses but the city’s people have to be mainly credited for this. The city, having a very long history, has greatly contributed to the world’s civilization in the ancient years being where many brilliant and useful people have come from. Do the names Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle ring a bell? Well they sure would – and they all came from Athens, Greece.

Among these three major thinkers, Socrates was first (469 BC-399 BC). He was known to discuss a number of philosophical questions to virtually anyone who was willing to listen and interact with him. One of the common questions that Socrates would is about how man should live his life with the purpose of teaching his listeners to answer for themselves rather than giving out an answer to them. This method is now known all throughout the globe as the Socratic Method.

Plato is one of Socrates’ pupils; although it is only through the first’s writings that one will realize the thoughts and ideas of the latter. He is well-known for writing several dialogues and analogy. Born to a family of nobles, Plato once fought against the Sparta in the Peloponnesian War. Aside from being an expert in the field of philosophy, you would be interested to find out that Plato also acquired an education in the fields of grammar, music, and (guess what?) gymnastics!

Aristotle is not only known in the field of philosophy, he is also famous in the field of science. His contributions in both areas are just hard to put in summary. He is believed to have penned as many as 150 philosophical papers – a number not easy to be at par of. Some topics covered I Aristotle’s philosophical issues include poetics, rhetoric, math, physics, biology, logic, and even dreams.

With these high-caliber Athenians, you sure can expect the people in the city to be no-nonsense.

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