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One of the oldest cities of the world and one with the richest histories, Athens, Greece will definitely thrill you. There’s virtually countless of things to do in the city that a weekend in Athens will not be enough to fully experience its best-kept treasures.

For history buffs, museums in Athens will be a delightful place to stop. With the city’s long history– from the Ancient times to the Roman and Byzantine periods, Athens has already marked itself in the world being one with the most flourishing civilizations. Be in awe with the rare collections displayed in some of the city’s top museums, which include the Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Greek Folk Art, and the Benaki Museum among others.

Unarguably, Athens has one of the best architectures in the world. If you are in the city for a visit, make sure to take a snap at some of the breath-taking structures in the city. You will be fascinated not only for their forms and functions, you will also be amazed at the stories behind each architecture.

Athens is not just for adults; it is also for the kids. Athens for kids will bring you to some of the most enjoyable and learning-filled experiences that you and your little ones can share. You can even bring them to some Athens festivals for a one-of-a-kind party experience with the family.

For food addicts, Athens restaurants are up to treat you for a ‘plateful’ experience. Try out any Greek cuisine and get a taste of the city’s gastronomy. You will see how different – of course, that’s in a good way – Athens delicacies are from what other cities has for the table.

At night, get yourself pumped up to party and experience Athens nightlife. There are many Athens bars and Athens clubs to choose from so the city is all at your hands when night comes.

The shopping scene in the city can also be an interesting thing to do when in the capital of Greece. With its wide range of rare and interesting displays, getting a souvenir from the city would be quite an adventure.

Sporty? Why not get to know the sports in Athens? It’s perfect thing to do in conjunction with fitness in Athens options. You will not only flex your muscles during your visit, you will also get a close encounter to the other face of the city.

And if you haven’t been entertained enough, go have fun in theaters in Athens or listen to music in Athens. If these aren’t enough, go try out Athens for free for some interesting sights and attractions all open for free!

Still thinking of the things to do in Athens now?

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