Arguably, Athens, Greece has one of the world’s most magnificent architecture. As the city’s life has mainly dominated by religion, it is not surprising that the city’s temples are one of the biggest and most beautiful in the world. Additionally, these temples celebrate pride and civic power, which made them really stand out.

If you have any background in architecture, you would’ve probably known that it was the Greek who came up with three architectural systems known as orders – Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian. The first is elegant with its thin posts and decorated with scroll-like designs; the second is sturdy at its top with design more plain than the first; the last order has designs more elaborate, with acanthus leaves decorations.

Among the architecture in Athens with Ionic order are the Erechtheum, Temple of Apollo in Didyma, and the Temple of Athena Nike. The Erechtheum is a middle classic period temple built on the Acropolis between 421 and 405 BC. Sanctuaries to the gods like Posideon, Athena Polias, and Erechtheus are found here. The Temple of Apollo at Didyma on the other hand features a design known as dipteral – two sets of columns which surround the interior section. The Temple of Athena Nike is part of the Acropolis. The ruins of this temple suggest its former grandeur.

The Parthenon is an example of architecture in the Doric Order. Dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patron of the city, this temple has stood still despite much damage from the time of its construction in the 5th century BC.

For the Corinthian Order, the temples of Apollo at Bassae and Zeus at Athens are the best example. Being the most ornate among architecture’s classic orders, the Greeks did not seem to really make use of this particular order.

Other interesting architecture in Athens are the Syntagma Square which is also referred to as the Constitution Square, the Theater of Dionysos which was built of dates and timber, and the Hadrian’s Arch which first served as the entry point in Athens.

The architecture in Athens should be on top of your list as you visit Athens. You may just be for a weekend in Athens, but these structures should never be missed no matter what as it shows not just the beauty and magnificence of the city, it also tell a lot of stories to its visitors – something that will make anybody want to visit them again and again.

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