The Greeks love and enjoy their nightlife – so much that they would take an afternoon nap just to fully make the most out of it. Nightlife in the city for most tourists begins with a leisure walk around its neighborhoods, including that in Kolonaki and Plaka Square. Most of the Athenians don’t have their dinner until at least 9:00pm every winter, and 10:00pm on summer. There is a wide range of Athens restaurants, so dinner in the city would be a delightful experience. After dinner or just around midnight, the people then head to the city’s many nightlife options.

From the chicest Athens bars and Athens clubs to the quarried amphitheaters, the nightlife in the city will surely rock you. You may not be a fan of partying, but in Athens, you will learn to be – or at least appreciate it. The nightlife in the city is vibrant enough many tourists claim it can rival that of Paris, London, and even New York!

The party scene in the city should not surprise you at all as the Greeks in general are known for its love of life; when they party, they leave all their worries behind and greatly enjoy good food and good company. This kind of mentality results to energetic restaurants and bars that cannot be easily at par with by other cities in the world.

Among the most frequented night spots in Athens are in Metaxourgio, Psirri, Gazi, Kolonaki, Theseion, and Monastiraki. If you prefer to spend the night with more traditional entertainment, Plaka is the place to be.

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