One can find countless of reasons to be Athens, Greece. It may be for its history, its attractions, or its people. But one thing is for sure, a visit to the city will prove to be an unforgettable one – regardless of the length of your stay.

A short stay in Athens will be as meaningful and as enjoyable as being in the city for a long period of time if one will only plan for his/her itinerary carefully. Spending a weekend in Athens for instance will bring the same fun and enjoyment as with spending a month or two in the city with properly laid out activities and places to visit. Your visits to the top attractions in Athens may be shorter and probably be quicker than usual but the important thing is that you get a glimpse to what’s in store in the country’s capital.

You will most likely have more time to explore the city with a long weekend in Athens. Although you might just have a day or two longer than spending a mere weekend in the city, these days will already be a huge bonus to check out more sights and experience more of Athens. This will mean more restaurants to visit, more Athens delicacies to try (yum!), and more Athenians to meet.

Of course, many would still prefer to spend (at least) a week in Athens to establish that “journey”-like feeling to the most flourishing civilization of the ancient times. You will have the whole 7 days to travel the city’s best kept treasures, including a climb to its hills and a swim to its magnificent beaches. And if you have more time, spend a day trip in Athens by visiting its neighboring towns and discover more of Greece’s beauty

Whether you have a short or long stay in Athens, the important thing is that you make the most of your stay.

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