Day Trip

Got an extra day to spend in Athens? Why not consider exploring beyond its boundaries and see more of Greece’s best kept treasures?

Day trip in Athens is recommended for those who’ve already exhausted their stay in the country’s capital. Among the best places to do a day trip in the city are Rafina, Marathon, and Sounion.

Rafina is located on the other side of Himitos and Mount Pendeli. Going to the town will give you an experience of like going to an island. Aside from its relaxing setting, the town also has several restaurants that specialize in sumptuous delicacies which include, shark with garlic sauce, small fried fish called mareedes and fried squid called kalamarakia (its own version of calamares). If you are traveling with a partner, this place is the perfect getaway for a romantic evening.

If you’ve heard of the Athenians victory against the Persians in Marathon, then you’d probably be more than interested to take a day trip to the place. Although there is not much to see in the battlefield, the place will give you a glimpse of what happened to the conquerors (Persians) who traveled several thousand miles only to be finished off by just a fraction of army 27 miles away from the city of Athens. The burial mound with an olive grove is an interesting place to visit as it is dedicated to the victory of the Athenians. If you aren’t that interested on history and stuff, you can still have fun in Marathon’s cool beaches. If not, you can stop by the marble dam – the one marble dam in the world – which holds Athens’ water supply.

Fan of the Greek mythology? Then have a tour at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. Located at the hilltop of the peninsula of Attica, the temple is the best place to see the sunset. You can also enjoy a bath at the small beach below the temple with your pals or family without having to worry sitting on a hotel property (well, no one can own the beach in Greece after all).

Day trip in Athens is just as interesting as spending a weekend or two in Athens. It will give you a sense of a breather in the city as well as an opportunity to discover more of Greece’s magnificence and beauty.

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