Long Weekend

Athens, Greece may be a fulfillment of many people’s dreams. It’s classical, mysterious, and magnificent setting is a big come-on to tourists from all over the world. Although a whole week may not be enough to fully explore the city, a long weekend in Athens may just be enough to give you a short yet meaningful experience in this Greek capital.

Day 1: Thursday

Athens Intl AirportUpon arrival to Athens airport, head to your hotel to leave your belongings; enjoy your welcome drink and freshen up to be ready for your Thursday adventure.

Start your day in Athens with a visit to the Benaki Museum. Established in 1930 by Antonis Benakis in memory of his father, Emmanuel Benakis, the museum, which is housed in the family mansion, contains Greek art works dating from the prehistoric to modern times. Because the museum is only open on Thursday, this is the only time that you can stop by the museum during your short stay in the city.

Day 2: Friday

Try on the city’s transport by taking the metro to make a visit to one of the city’s most important sites, the Acropolis. Savor your stop here and make sure to also not miss visiting the museums surrounding it. In the afternoon, you can head to the Ancient Agora to continue your journey to Athens history. As the former political and cultural hub of the city, the Ancient Agora will give you a good glimpse of the city’s past.

Day 3: Saturday

On your third day to the city, pay homage to Zeus, the chief of the gods, by visiting the Temple of Zeus. Erected in 472 and 456 BC, the temple is one of the most famous sanctuaries in Greece. You can also drop by the Olympic Stadium and be amazed of the first venue of the Olympics in 1896. In the afternoon, you can take a tour to the National Archaeological Museum and see its displays of important archaeological artifacts. The museum is also considered one of the greatest and richest museums of its kind in the world.

Day 4: Sunday

On your last day in the city, visit AthensByzantine and Cycladic Museums. With its one-of-a-kind collections, you will definitely be amazed with the treasures kept and preserved by the city. Take a walk to the Lycabettus Hill to and get an overall view of Athens. Your last day in the capital of Greece will definitely be hard to miss!

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