Spending a time in Athens even just for a weekend has been a dream of many people. If you have been given this chance, make sure not to waste any of your time in the city by carefully planning out your weekend in Athens. The key to this enjoyable weekend in the city – and to avoid the cram as well – is to make sure to arrive to the city early Friday and late Sunday. A good plan for an Athens weekend can be:


Upon arriving at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, take a metro or bus going to the city proper. You can leave your suitcase or bags first to your hotel to allow you to explore the city without any baggage. It may be good to book in a hotel that is centrally located or in proximity to the Plaka as most of the attractions are in this area. From your hotel, you can head to the Acropolis – one of Athens’ most important sites. Because there are just too many things to see and explore in the area, it will eat up your whole day, so block this time already.

At night, you can walk down to the Kydathenion Street and spend your time for a good drink with your pals or mingle with the locals.


ancient agoraSince you’ve already paid your visit to the Acropolis, you can then move on to other interesting attractions in Athens – so wake up early on the Saturday of your stay. You can start your day with a tour to the ancient Agora. As the political and administrative hub of the ancient Athens, the place will offer you a lot of interesting things to see, which include the Stoa of Attalus and the Temple of Hephaestus. You can stay on in here for the whole day before you head out for your dinner which can serve as a kick off to your nightlife in the city of Athens.


PirauesGranting that you’ve spent your nightlife in the city well, then spend your Sunday (and last day) in the city a bit late (you of course need to sleep first!). Visit the National Gardens for a relaxing last day then head to the Piraeus before you bid bye-bye to the city.

Planning for activities on a weekend in Athens may be a bit challenging, the key here is to identify the places you’d really want to visit and budget your time well.


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