The public transportation of Athens provides tourists with a wide variety of routes, which features a combination of different means, which include buses, trolleybuses, trams, railway, and the metro. For a ticket worth 1,40€, you can already move from one public transportation to another in an hour or less.

Transport tickets in the city can be availed in all train and metro stations. Street kiosks also sell tickets to make getting in and around the city easier and more convenient. If you intend to stay long in the city, there are weekly passes that you can avail in public transport offices at discounted rates. Buying weekly passes, aside from saving you a few Euros, is a convenient and quick way to get around the city as it eliminates the need to buy tickets every now and then.

Just a quick reminder for those exploring the city via public transport: validate your tickets after you’ve purchased them and before you board on the city metro, bus, tram, or railway. This is something you should not really forget because the city fines non-validated tickets up to 40 times its value! If you want to avoid the hassle and the sky-high fine, make sure to go to the validation machine in trolleybuses and buses (they’re those that come in ORANGE boxes). If you are taking the metro, validation machine is located on the station lobby, while those taking trams can locate the machine which is in beige on the platform and some inside the car.

Enjoy exploring Athens by getting yourself familiar with its transport system.

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