Because of its long history, rich culture, and breathtaking attractions, many people from all over the world, including around Europe and Greece, travel to Athens. Being a famous tourist destination, traveling to the city has been made easier and more accessible for visitors. One of these means to reach the city is by bus.

The main bus line in Athens is Ethel. These thermal buses connect the cities of Athens and Piraeus to many surrounding municipalities. The city’s renovation of its bus system also yielded to hundreds of new buses ready to serve passengers from all over the city and the country. Many of these buses are run by natural gas which makes them environment friendly. Several bus routes in the city cater for passengers who travel to and from the Athens International Airport. They run from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.

Aside from thermal buses, Athens also has what it call as blue buses. It has over 320 lines that connect the central city to all the suburbs of Athens, including Piraeus. Blue buses run starting 5:00 am until 12:15 am.

For people traveling outside the city, the Intercity Bus Company also referred to as KTEL has a dense network serving all throughout the Greece. There is a local KTEL that has routes to Athens and the main centers of the city in every village in the country. KTEL has two bus terminals: Kifissou 100 and Liossion 260.

For fast and affordable way to get to Athens, buses in Athens will be a convenient option.

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